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Different Approach

If you have never interacted with us, you would assume that we are like every other tech business: incompetent, greedy, arrogant, degrading.

Well, We are not!  Sure, we dont know everything, and we admit that. But we put People before Profits. And when you do that amazing things happen.  If you would like to experience this yourself, please contact us.  And if you doubt our statement, there are many reviews you can look at, and you are welcome to check with the local Better Business Bureau.



We have launch several new social media accounts to reach more people in our area and beyond.  Here is a list of where you can find us.

If you found any of our videos/posts helpful, please do the usual things:  Like, Share, Subscribe.  IF you would like to thank us with money (most appreciated)$computergaragellc

Just in case you think we are not legit, cause we get that alot cause our prices are so reasonable.

Never heard of us?

We get that alot.  Its become a running joke with us. We have serviced the community and the 5 surrounding counties for over 15 years.  Yet, at least once a week as have a local person visit us stating they didnt know were existed. 

Why is it that you have never heard of us?  We rarely spend money on traditional advertising, relaying mostly on word-of-mouth and social media. The money we are not spending on advertising, is passed on to our client in the way of lower costs. 

Still $100+ if you bring it to us, and $125+ if we come to you (exceptions and limitation ofcourse).

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