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Mail In Option

We now offer mail in services for clients who live outside our standard service area.

Its a service we have always provided for a snowbird clients, or clients who moved out of the area, but still wanted us to fix their computers. 

The quality of our service is still the same, just now you can mail your computer to us for service.  Can't control the shipping process, but our service are still absolutely wonderful.

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VIP Protection Plan

Our VIP Protection Plan is simple 

50% off Service Fees
20% off Purchases
Priority Service

$20 per month                   $240 per year

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Cricut Users

Recently many Cricut users are experiencing difficulites getting their devices to work in and with Windows 11.  We have a solutions for that.

Available is our instructions on how to download and installed a Windows 10 Virtual Computer.  This virtual computer will allow you to utilize your older Cricut devices.

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Crystal Disk

Crystal Disk is one of the programs that will help you determine if your hard drive is failing.  The tecky stuff you most likely will not understand, but the simply stuff is clear as day.  If you start it and the alarm goes off, differently bring it to us.

Crystal Disk download

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