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How to make your older Cricut devices work again with Windows 11. You will need to installed a Windows 10 Virtual Computer.  Note: You may need remote assistance from us. Consider installing it first. $60 fee for remote assistance ($30 for VIP members), but worth it.

Requirement: 2 Processor Cores free and available. 4GB of RAM, 90GB of Free Space

1.) Download VMware Player 16 (598,368KB)

2.) Download (Extremely large file 21,521,215KB)

3.) Installed VMware Player 16 by double left clicking the file that is your Downloads folder

4) Extract the VirtualWindows10 virtual machine from the zip file in your Download folder by right clicking it, left click Extract All. This will create a subfolder in the download folder named Windows 10.

5.) Open VMware Player buy double clicking the icon on you desktop.


7.) in the diaglog box, navigate to the newly created Windows 10 folder in the download folder.

8.) double left click the WINDOWS 10 Icon in the diaglog box

9.) If asked if you moved or copy if virtual machine, click MOVED.

10.) Windows 10 will now open on your computer.  Congrats you have installed a virtual computer. 

11.) Installed the appropriate Cricut software for your device on your Virtual Windows 10.

12.) Connect your Cricut device to your computer via USB cable

13.) Click Connect to Guest or Virtual Machine or Windows 10

14.) Open your Cricut software and it should Detect, Connect, and work just like before

15.) Exit VirtualWindows10 like any other computer. Click the start button, Power button, Shut Down.

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