VIP Protection Plan by Computer Garage LLC

This plan is between Computer Garage LLC, and ‘The Client’ as identified via invoice and payment as mentioned in the bottom of the page.

1. The VIP Protection Plan is effective for 12 months, from the day this plan is signed (if in person) or renewed and/or purchased and paid online.

2. The VIP Protection Plan automatically renews every 12 months on the anniversary date until canceled by either party with a 30 day notice.

3. The VIP Protection Plan requires a payment of $20 monthly or $240 annually which is invoiced and emailed/mailed to you or processed via the links below.

4. The VIP Protection Plan monthly or annual fee is subject to change each renewal year but not with a 30 day advanced notice.

5. The VIP Protection Plan will cover a total of 3 Windows-based computers that you own and support for attached devices within our area of expertise.

6. The VIP Protection Plan only includes your personal computers, not your work or business computers.

7. The VIP Protection Plan entitles you to a 20% discount on parts and software purchased from us, and 50% off service fee from us, while the contract is in effect.

Willliam Johnson, Partner                                         Client’s Name is as Appears on Invoice

 William Johnson (Digital Signature)                   Client agrees to the conditions above by paying Invoice   <<-- Click to signup and pay annually       <<-- Click to signup and pay monthly

If you are a small business or NonProfit, and would like to jion, please contact us for a quote.

Business and Mailing Address:
Computer Garage LLC
122 S Main Street, Box 221

Clyde OH 43410
567-855-1274 x1


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