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Data Loss Prevention

As a precaution, we strongly encourage all clients to back up their files regularly....preferably daily, and preferably on different medias. You never know when disaster will strike.

Keep your most absolutely important files on a flash drive and carry it with you.

Use an external hard drive to back up your computer. Windows 10 makes it really simple.

Back up your files to a cloud based service like Google Drive or subscribe or a service like Mozi or Carbonute.

And for goodness sake's, securely record your user names and passwords somewhere somehow.


Remote Assistance: We utilize a variety of software packages to offers remote assistance to existing clients. 

With your expressed permission, we can remotely access your computer, and troubleshoot most problems you are experiencing with your computer.

Unless a written agreement is signed, and additional security measure put into place, we will never access your computer without you being present at your computer.  Anyone calling you, or a pop up, or webpage claiming that your computer is infected, will be locked, and demands you to call them right now is a scam.

Click here to download TeamViewer via Ninite.  Once installed, and the software is running, call us with YOUR ID and password.  Team Viewer will automatically change the password every time it is used to prevent unauthorized access to your computer.

Password Managers

Few years we have advised caution to clients using Password Managers like DashLane and LassPass.  And we still do simply cause the weakest point of any Password Manager is is the master password. So if you are a password manager, please use a lengthy complex password. If you need help on how to decide on one, let us know.


Identity Theft and Cyber Crimes

The reality is, no one can stop it. But you can take steps to make it as hard as possible to prevent these crimes.

1. Don't accept request from people who want to access your computer remotely. Not even if the request is from Jesus.
2. Strange email from a friend, call them and ask if they really sent it to you. Otherwise don't open it.

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