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Our prices are all inclusive - not like some places we know.

*The only time you will pay more than the prices below is if you need a replacement part or new software.

Quick Fix (15 minutes or less) $30 Flat Rate
In-Store Service*:               $120 Flat Rate
In Home Service*:  $145 Flat Rate
Open Billing Business Services Rate*: $80/hour
Open Billing Non Profit Services Rate*: $60/hour
Mail In Services -->> Mail in form $145 Flat Rate
VIP Protection Plan (20% discount on purchases, 50% discount on Services)
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Other Services Available
Hosted Vitual Hard Drive - 2TB (Up to Three Connected Devices) $8/month
Hosted Vitual Hard Drive - 1TB (Up to Three Connected Devices) $4/month
Hosted Vitual Hard Drive - 500GB (Up to Three Connected Devices) $2/month
Remote Assistance: $50/remote
Simple Data Recovery to 64GB flash Drive $60
Hosted Virtual Computer - Windows10/11, 500GB Space, 4GB Virtual Ram $30/month
Hosted Virtual Server - Various Server OS,  various storage, various RAM Call for Quote

*Prices above do not include the cost of hardware and/or software if needed.

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